AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with over 7 years experience and three Emmy Nominations. Engaging and innovative weathercasts backed by an extensive scientific background… more


Stylish and innovative graphics using WSI TruVu MAX graphics systems. Expert in developing graphical content, including After Effects, Photoshop, and MAX. Experience designing new weather productions… more


Interactive and engaging social media content more than just clicks and impressions. Digital content that attracts, grows, and maintains online viewership… more

Storm Chasing

Tracking intense weather in all seasons, whether it’s severe weather, blizzards, or hurricanes. Storm chasing provides a first-hand experience like no other…


    Traditional weathercasts are a thing of the past. Viewers are looking for new and exciting but informative content. Engaging viewers through innovative and compelling graphical presentations, coupled with expertise in the science of meteorology, is essential when connecting with today’s audience… more